Who will be the biggest fan?

Get your favorite movies on the Ethereum Blockchain! Hold them if you can!

* Because! If someone else wants to grab your movies, they can by paying up to double the price that you paid. You will then lose the ownership of that movie, but you will receive up to double the amount in ETH automatically transferred back to your crypto wallet.

Movies take a new turn with Blockchain

Just like any other collectible, purchase or sell your CryptoMovie Smart Contract using blockchain technology. While Bitcoin and ether are cryptocurrencies, CryptoMovies offer one and only crypto-collectibles for your favorite movies. Be the sole owner of Smart Contacts for the best movies in the world, including movies like Star Wars saga or the legendary Lord of the Rings. Once you buy a Smart Contract, it is simultaneously marked up to double in purchase price. But you’d better beware! If anyone meets the current cost of your Smart Contract, they take possession of it automatically. You no longer own the card however you get paid the double of what you invested at the first place.

This is how it works

CryptoMovies is operated by Blockchain technology, same as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Each movie, like a single coin, is linked to an unique smart contract token on the CryptoMovie’s blockchain.

How to buy a Smart Contract? All you have to do is to transfer Ether to the contract through Metamask. If somebody else is interested in purchasing one of the contracts you own at the moment, the purchaser needs to pay you more than the initial amount you spent.

Let’s get going: Click here and install the MetaMask Smart Wallet add-on in Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave browsers.

Welcome the high-coded value growth

The value of each contract escalates each time a transaction is carried out. Be careful when you get a Smart Contract as anyone can grab it away from you as long as they pay up to double of the amount you originally put into.

Contracts increase up to double in price until they hit 0.05 ETH.

Price increase:

2x from 0 ETH to 1.2 ETH, 1.5x from 1.2 ETH to 5 ETH and 1.2x from 5 ETH up.